Tuesday , May 21 2019
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Dispensary Says Marijuana Supply in Connecticut Is Dwindling

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Supply is not keeping up with demand at all dispensaries in Connecticut. Christina Captain of Prime Wellness of Connecticut says that some dispensaries may run out of supply. Some of that concern is due to the upcoming addition of seven more qualifying conditions.

Some are worried that the influx of new patients as the new conditions take effect may further strain supply, WWLP 22 News reports. There are already plans to add three more dispensaries in the state. The Department of Consumer Protection may also consider doubling that number if demand and patient enrollment deem it necessary.

Captain said, “Without consistent supply, with the demand that we have right now, for the true need of the patients, it could drive people back into the underground market.”

Captain also said, “We are just waiting for the legislature to pass them through and make it official. And with seven more conditions? We are looking at a lot more patients coming on to get relief. That will strain the supply, we are already having an issue with supplies, for the 25,500 patients that we currently have, so opening new dispensaries and not allowing new producers, is not going to fix that issue.”

The state also needs to consider licensing more cultivators to maintain supply, Captain notes.

Lawmakers are also considering the legalization of recreational marijuana, which may help solve the supply issue.