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Alaska’s First Retail Marijuana Dispensaries Get Approval to Open

Frozen Budz Dispensary

Frozen Budz has become Alaska’s first state-approved marijuana retail dispensary. The Alaska dispensary is under construction and hopes to be open for business by early October. Two state inspections must be passed before the store and product-manufacturing areas can open.

Destiny Neade of Frozen Budz says she has to find marijuana to sell at her store. She also has to determine where her products will be tested, reports. Not only is Frozen Budz the first approved retail marijuana dispensary, it is also the first to have a product manufacturing license approved by the state.

In regards to her approval, Neade said, “Alright, now I just need some herb.” When asked how she felt about her approval, she said, “I don’t even know, it’s amazing. We’re excited, we’re ready to open and ready to bring the voter initiative to life.”

As more retailers gain approval, their openings will be staggered according to local regulations. Along with Frozen Budz, eleven other retail marijuana store licenses were approved.

Additional approvals went to:

  • Alaska Buds
  • Arctic Herbery
  • Enlighten Alaska
  • Raspberry Roots
  • The Frost Farms
  • Pakalolo Supply Co.
  • The Herbal Cache
  • Herbal Outfitters
  • Rainforest Farms
  • Remedy Shoppe
  • Weed Dudes

Another meeting is scheduled for September 19 to address the remaining 5 license applications that could not be viewed on September 8.

What took up much of the review board’s time in this week’s meetings was approving four product-manufacturing facilities. The board had to review each individual product that the store or manufacturer will make.

Frozen Budz did hold things up a bit, as they listed 47 recipes for edibles. After reviewing 25, the board asked Destiny Neade to pick only 3 more to allow other applications to be reviewed.

Other products that are planned by manufacturers like Einstein Labs and Dream Green Farms will be items like sugar silk, caviar nugs, and marijuana oils. Sugar silk is a blend of resin and concentrates. Caviar nugs are marijuana oil and kief covered marijuana buds, also known as dusted nugz, moon rocks, and space rocks in other markets. The products all have to be tested and approved before they can be sold in retail dispensaries.