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Another Celebrity is Creating a Marijuana Product Line

LenitivLabs Montel Williams

Montel Williams is collaborating with LenitivLabs to launch a line of medical marijuana products. Williams has used marijuana to treat his symptoms of multiple sclerosis for several years and is a longtime advocate of medical marijuana.

The goal of LenitivLabs is to use the latest technology in the marijuana industry, in combination with recent research, to manufacture high-quality medical marijuana products, according to PR Newswire. The products will not contain additives and are said to be packaged in standardized doses.

Williams said, “I’m proud to announce the formation of Lenitiv Scientific and the development of the LenitivLabs product line. With the issue of full legalization dominating the conversation, it’s critical not to forget patients who have specific needs with respect to cannabis, including strains that might be less profitable in the marketplace. The mission of Lenitiv Scientific is to ensure that seriously ill individuals – like myself – have access to the medicine they need.”

Williams also said, “I experience neuropathic pain 24 hours a day because of my MS. My physicians recommended cannabis as a part of my treatment seventeen years ago, and I’ve used it ever since. Only someone suffering from a debilitating disease can understand cannabis’ therapeutic value.”

Williams has worked with officials in several states, including Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, and New York, to legalize medical marijuana. He is an active advocate working to help reform marijuana regulations at the federal level. He has also led the push for access to medical marijuana for military veterans without risking losing their military benefits.

Also joining Lenitiv Scientific is Marvin Washington, an 11-year NFL veteran. Washington is an advocate for player access to medical marijuana.

Lenitiv Scientific has plans to distribute products in all 25 states where medical marijuana is legal, with expansion plans as more states legalize medical marijuana.