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Coronavirus Could Halt Marijuana Legalization in Connecticut

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Connecticut’s legislative session ends on May 6 and lawmakers are not expected to get to recreational marijuana legalization by then. The legislative session could be extended, but it’s unknown at this time.

Connecticut lawmakers do have the option of holding a special session later this spring or in the summer, at which time marijuana legalization could be discussed, the Hartford Courant hints. Many businesses will remain closed until May 20. Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano indicates that it would by hypocritical for the Capitol to open on May 6 while lawmakers tell civilians to remain at home.

Fasano said, “With businesses effectively closed down until May 20, there’s no way that we can go in before May 6. You cannot tell people it’s too dangerous to go to work, and then open up the Capitol and have hundreds of people there. It’s hypocritical. … While we’re telling businesses and schools that they cannot operate, we shouldn’t be in session.’’

Legalizing recreational marijuana is complicated, and with May 6 coming next week – lawmakers just don’t find it feasible to pass this legislation at this time. Like several other states, Connecticut residents may have to wait until the 2021 legislative session takes place for marijuana legalization.