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Judiciary Committee Approves Marijuana Record Erasure Bill

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Persons with previous misdemeanor convictions for marijuana possession in Connecticut can have their records erased. This will take place after the conviction is 5 years old. In situations where charges are dropped prior to a court hearing, those would be automatically erased.

The Judiciary Committee in Hartford passed the new legislation, CT Post reports.  In combination with an additional piece of legislation, bail requirements would be avoided for nonviolent misdemeanors. Records would remain retained for court records only, and would not be made public information.

Senator John Kissel said, “We have to make sure that these things get erased.”

In opposition of the legislation, Representative Richard Smith said, “I just don’t see this working. Let the onus be on the person convicted, to come back after five years and say ‘my record is clean, please erase it.’”

Some others worry that those detained and released without a bail requirement may not return to court. The ability to erase misdemeanor marijuana crimes after five years will help locals find and keep stable employment.