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Connecticut Approves New Medical Conditions for Medical Marijuana

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Five health conditions were considered for medical marijuana in Connecticut, three were approved. Hydrocephalus with intractable headaches, intractable migraines and trigeminal neuralgia were added to the state’s qualifying conditions list. In just two years, the list of qualifying conditions in Connecticut has doubled in size.

Anxiety disorders and Meniere’s disease were denied by the 9-member panel, according to New Haven Register. A public hearing was held last week that allowed petitioners to speak regarding their reasoning for wanting these health conditions added. Conditions can only be added to the state’s program by a General Assembly act or successful petition.

Consumer Protection Commissioner Michelle Seagull said, “The Board of Physicians always provides thorough and valuable advice to our team. I want to thank the Bard for the time they invest, and for their guidance. I will be following the recommendations of the Board as we move into the regulation drafting process.”

Seagull also said, “I also want to thank those who testified for their bravery, and for telling their stories on Wednesday. We know our program is at its best when we hear from the medical community, and from patients whose lives can be improved by this medication.”

The Consumer Protection Department must now craft regulations for the conditions to be added. A public hearing and comment period will be offered before the regulations are provided to the state’s attorney general. The Regulation Review Committee in the General Assembly must also approve the regulations before the changes can be signed into law.

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