Thursday , May 23 2019
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Connecticut Marijuana Advocates Fight for Legalization

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Marijuana advocates are fighting to legalize recreational marijuana in Connecticut. The gap in the state’s budget is a major part of their argument. Representative Josh Elliot mentioned that they are just 17 votes short of getting their initiative passed by the House Democratic caucus.

In Connecticut, Democrats have lost seats for the last six years, according to New Haven Register. Representative Elliot doesn’t understand how the caucus isn’t passing the initiative as it has 63-percent voter support. The last activity on the matter was in June when the bill received a debate but ended up being tabled by the House.

Elliot said, “It comes up virtually every caucus and not by the same people. And it’s hard to tell if there’s any movement on it.”

Representative Robyn Porter says it’s a social issue.

Porter said, “Yes, we have a budget problem in Connecticut that’s persistent. But more importantly for me, it’s a social issue.”

Porter says that persons of color are jailed more often for non-violent offenses and crimes, much to do with their possession of marijuana.

Porter said these people “were caught up in a system designed to decimate, as far as I’m concerned, people who look like me.”

While Democrats seem to support recreational marijuana legalization more, Republicans are also jumping on board.