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Son of Trump Cabinet Member Invests $500K Into Marijuana Company

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Shane McMahon, son of U.S. Small Business Administration Administrator Linda McMahon, invested half of a million dollars into Connecticut-based EnviroGrow, a company that creates modules to grow marijuana in states where it is legal. The pre-fabricated modules look similar to shipping containers.

McMahon’s role was to help drive sales and create a buzz about the company, according to NY Daily News. McMahon is best known for his presence in professional wrestling. It isn’t clear what Linda McMahon, Trump Administration SBA Administrator, thinks about the business venture.

A source from EnviroGrow said, “He thought it was going to be a big boom and make a lot of money.”

EnviroGrow was established by Joseph Palmieri in 2012. Palmieri was a volunteer firefighter and business owner.

Some controversy came about last year as McMahon felt he was “duped” by Palmieri. McMahon inspected the manufacturing plant, was displeased and requested a return of his investment. Palmieri declined.

While the lawsuit is ongoing, Palmieri denies the allegations that the manufacturing facility was nearly non-existent, as described by McMahon.

Palmieri said, “EnviroGrow is a viable company. It’s a great little business and it’s up and coming.”

Marketing for the grow modules has increased as Dan Williams became the new CEO in recent months. Orders are coming from California, Colorado, Massachusetts and Nevada, the company states.