Tuesday , May 21 2019
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Connecticut’s Democrats (Finally) Decide to Support Marijuana Legalization

Connecticut Democrats have finally announced their support for marijuana legalization. The party also wants to see those incarcerated for non-violent marijuana crimes to be released from jail/prison.  The governor was present during the announcement but has maintained his opposition of legalization.

Connecticut will be looking for a new governor as Governor Malloy is not running for re-election, Civilized reports. This may be good news for the state as the top Democratic contender is Ned Lamont – who supports legalizing recreational marijuana. The primary election has not been held yet.

The party said, “The time for legalization of marijuana has come. Doing so will raise revenue, which can be used to benefit those suffering from the disease of addiction to prescription pain medication and other opioids.”

The announcement of full party support and a change to the party’s platform is good news for the potential of marijuana reform in Connecticut.