Sunday , June 16 2019
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Governor-Elect Ned Lamont Supports Marijuana Legalization


With a new governor to be sworn in soon, Connecticut residents may finally see recreational marijuana legalized in the state. Ned Lamont has been open about his support of legalizing marijuana. It was mentioned that he’d push to legalize if elected.

Lamont indicated that he’d structure taxes of marijuana sales to fund opioid treatment programs, according to Across Connecticut Patch. Bob Stefanowski also supports recreational marijuana legalization. He mentioned not being opposed to “considering recreational marijuana legalization”, but did comment that more important issues should be handled first.

It is not known whether the governor-elect will work up a bill of his own or if other state lawmakers are planning to introduce legislation in the new legislative session. Legalization, however, is expected to be a hot topic. With the support from the new governor, it may be easier for the state to put a plan in motion.