Tuesday , October 3 2023
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UConn Study Finds Marijuana Use Increases Birth Rates


Researchers at the University of Connecticut recently completed a working paper regarding how marijuana affects people’s sex lives. One of the findings is that where medical marijuana is legal (and in some cases recreational) birth rates are higher. The increase is represented as four more births per quarter per 10,000 women within childbearing age.

The research also suggest that using marijuana results in having more sex, according to The Verge. To conduct the research, the team took a look at when a medical marijuana law was enacted. Then took a look at the purchase of birth control items such as condoms. It appears that following the passage of some marijuana legalization laws, the purchase of condoms decreased.

Gynecologist Melanie Bone said, “Maybe some amount will relax you and make you more open to sensations and less inhibited with your body, but if you get super stoned, you’re not going to be able to concentrate.”

Michele Baggio of the University of Connecticut said, “While medical literature points to a possible negative effect of marijuana, this does not take into account how people behave and how that could shape the actual behavior of people.”

It’s been speculated that using marijuana can make conception more difficult, but the increased lack of birth control methods negate parts of that notion.

Another study suggests that those that use marijuana on a weekly basis have 34% more sex than those that don’t use marijuana.