Tuesday , October 3 2023
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Westport Proposes Ban on Recreational Marijuana Businesses

Medical Cannabis

Westport has a medical marijuana dispensary, which is allowed under its zoning regulations. But, a ban has been proposed on recreational marijuana. Representative Town Meeting members Greg Kraut and Jimmy Izzo say that the ban is necessary to prevent its existing medical marijuana dispensary from converting to recreational.

The medical marijuana dispensary is slated to open this summer, according to Westport News. Marijuana businesses are classified as retailers, cultivators and distributors. Medical marijuana dispensaries are not included in the definition used in the proposed ordinance.

Kraut said, “Westport set up medical marijuana dispensaries to proactively aid in the health of our residents, so we must proactively protect our residents safety and financial well-being by limiting Westport’s marijuana businesses to just one medical marijuana facility.”

According to Kraut, law enforcement officials don’t have the necessary technology to appropriately detect stoned drivers –which is why there is opposition to recreational marijuana coming to Westport.

The proposed ban will be discussed at the March 25 meeting.