Tuesday , October 3 2023
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Connecticut Recreational Marijuana Bill Advances

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Connecticut lawmakers narrowly advanced a recreational marijuana bill in a vote of 10 – 8. There are 3 recreational marijuana bills circulating through the Connecticut Legislature this session. This specific legislation aims to put a Band-Aid on those impacted by the War on Drugs.

Existing medical marijuana license holders would have the first chance to apply for recreational marijuana licenses, according to Patch Across Connecticut. It’s expected that medical marijuana dispensaries would only be able to sell recreational marijuana for a limited time. Once regulations are in place, it’s not said whether those medical marijuana dispensaries would be allowed to continue recreational sales.

If the legislation passes, it includes provisions for studies on home cultivation and micro retailers. It’s speculated that taxes on marijuana would be about 20% — similar to the tax structure that Massachusetts has in place.

The state estimates that it could generate about $45-million in tax revenue in its first 3 years.

The state is also expected to limit potency and quantity for recreational users.